About Me

After completing my basic training with the Naval Reserve (Royal Canadian Navy) in 2000, I was living on beautiful Vancouver Island B.C. surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and of course, the Pacific Ocean.  A friend of mine was selling his old Olympus OM-1 camera so I decided to jump on the opportunity.  The rest is history, I was hooked on photography!

Trying to paint a picture of the way I see life through my eyes has always been my main objective.  When someone looks at one of my pictures and I can sense they feel the same way I did when I pressed the shutter release, I know the job is well done and that's what motivates me.

I like to help people.  If I can make a person feel good about themselves by creating a flattering portrait, or help a couple sell their home by providing quality photography for their real estate listing, or creating that timeless picture of granddad that will always cheer us up when we need it, then I am happy.

I am a self-taught photographer.  Learning how to use a camera and editing software has been a rewarding journey.  I love to work on new projects and will do everything I can to deliver a quality product. 

Cape Breton has been my home for the past eleven years, where I work with the Canadian Coast Guard as a Marine Communications and Traffic Services Officer.  I live here with my wife and our dog, trying to make the best of every moment, every hike, every season, every sunset.

Let's talk about your next big idea and see how I can help!